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Maple Syrup Making Kit | Buckets & Spiles | Professional Tapping Guidebook

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The Maple Tapping Bucket Kit has everything you need to make your own pure Maple Syrup right at home. Ready-to-go, reusable for every season, and fun for the whole family. Just add a maple tree!

The Maple Tapper Bucket Kit includes:

  • Two 3-Gallon Buckets. Premium food-grade, BPA-free, ultra-high impact polypropylene. Heat and UV stabilized. Designed to hang on spile hook
  • Two Heavy Duty Lids. Food-grade, BPA-free, ultra-high impact polypropylene, locks to spile to hold firmly in place
  • Two 5/16” Tree Saver Spiles. Shown to cause 30-35% less damage to the tree compared to traditional spiles with same sap output.
  • High visibility blue. Washable and reusable.
  • One Maple Syrup Filter. Includes one 1-quart prefilter, cone-style, designed for sugarmaking, use for all stages of syrup making to remove niter (sugar sand). Washable and reusable.
  • 80-page "Guide to Maple Tapping" Written by a sugarmaker, this professionally-written book walks you through the entire process from identifying trees to drilling the hole to filtering, boiling, and bottling the syrup.
  • Handy Quick Start Instruction Sheet – take with you to the tree for a reminder on how to tap.
  • Exclusive Recipe Cards – pure maple syrup is for more than pancakes! It’s paleo-friendly, all-natural and organic and a perfect sugar replacement in any recipe. Try these delicious options for every part of your menu.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all taps and tubes plus full support from all of us at Maple Tapper (we’re tapping too!).
  • Made in North America