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Kid's Maple Tree Tapping Kit - Taps and Buckets


The only maple syrup making kit designed for kids! 

Our Kid's Kit turns learning about nature into a sweet treat! The kids will love gathering their own sap and you'll have a great excuse to get outdoors. Lightweight and easy-to-handle, this is the perfect gift for your junior sugarmaker. Don't worry, the book includes full instructions for grown-ups.

Kit includes:

  • Two heavy-duty blue plastic buckets, each holds three gallons
  • Two bucket lids, specially-designed to attach to the spile
  • Two plastic 5/16” tree saver spiles
  • One cone shaped maple sap pre-filter
  • Children’s book, Kid’s Guide to Maple Tapping, filled with photos and fun activities! Specially written for readers 4th grade and up.
  • Take along instruction sheet.

Sugarmaking is a true family activity and some adult assistance is required.

Click on the link below for a short how-to video on using the Bucket & Spile Kit.