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Save 20% on a Three-Piece Filter Kit when you combine it with any Tapping Kit. Discount is automatically applied!
Save 20% on a Three-Piece Filter Kit when you combine it with any Tapping Kit.

Maple Syrup Filters, Three Piece Set, One-Quart size for small batches - Made in USA


PreSeason Special!

Save 20% on this filter kit when you add it to any Tapping Kit order! (Discount is automatically applied at checkout.)

Filtering sap and syrup is a critical part of the sugarmaking process! It significantly reduces sugar sand (that sediment that makes syrup cloudy), gives you the best tasting syrup, and only takes a few minutes.

We've designed this three-piece filter kit for the home sugarmaker -- with smaller, more manageable filters that fit perfectly in a sieve stand so you'll have both hands free for pouring and filling. All filters have small slits in the side so you can thread a dowel through for easy handling. They are washable and reusable, and, with proper care, will last for multiple seasons. Click below for a quick video showing exactly how these filters work.

Included in this kit:

  • Made in USA. Reusable, premium synthetic Three Filter Set designed for sugarmaking: (2) one-quart prefilters for collecting, cooking, and bottling and (1) heavy-duty thick filter for the final stage of bottling. Instruction Card also included.
  • Washable and reusable, these filters fit perfectly on a standard sized sieve stand (not included.) Each filter has two precut slits to slip a dowel or holder through.
  • These smaller, one-quart filters are more manageable for small home batches. Unlike larger filters, which are hard to handle and prone to spilling, our one-quart maple sugaring filters are perfect for safely filtering hot, boiling maple syrup.
  • Removes Sugar Sand or Niter from pure maple syrup for the best clarity, taste, and appearance. Filters naturally occurring maple sap sediment and grit quickly and easily.
  • Designed exclusively for Maple Tapper (these are the filters we use!) and they come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

For more information on how to filter sap, click over to this short article. For a quick video showing the process, click below.

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