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Maple Tree Tapping Spiles | Ten 5/16" Tree Saver Taps with Integrated Bucket Hooks | BPA-Free, Food Grade, Reusable

These sturdy Tree Saver spiles are designed to work with our large buckets but can also be used with other hanging buckets. 
This Ten Piece Spile Set Includes:
  • 10 food-grade quality reusable 5/16” blue spiles with hooks
  • Washable and reusable. Fits most sugaring buckets.
  • Replenish or add to your current maple tapping supplies.
  • The 5/16” “tree saver” spile means less damage to the tree and faster tap hole healing, which is beneficial to production in the long term.
  • Includes a Maple Tapper copyrighted instruction sheet for easy reference.