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Kid's Maple Tree Tapping Kit - Taps & Tubes


Unique and Educational Gift!

This great beginner kit is made especially for children and turns learning about nature into a sweet treat! With an informative and kid-friendly book plus instructions for the grown-ups, you'll all enjoy this fun, family activity.

Kit includes:

  • Five blue plastic, food-grade tubes (each 36” long)
  • Five heavy-duty 5/16” tree saver plastic spiles
  • One cone shaped maple sap pre-filter
  • Children’s book, Kid’s Guide to Maple Tapping, filled with full color photos and fun activities! Specially written for readers 4th grade and up but also includes a special adult how-to section.
  • Take along instruction sheet

Sugarmaking is a true family activity but does require some adult assistance.

Check out our blog: "Tap Ten Trees the Easy Way with the Taps & Tubes Kit" for a short article with step-by-step instructions for using the taps and tubes kits. Click below for a short video showing how to use this product.

Our latest review from experienced tapper and blogger, Marysa Nicholson:

"Although I do know some basics of maple tapping, we all learned much more from tapping the trees to the process of making maple syrup. It will help you with your maple tapping from identifying sugar maples to processing your sap and it also has lots of other information and facts that are very interesting like the history of maple syrup. The kids learned a lot from reading this book but I also learned quite a bit. The book is well-written and full of bright images, which makes it fun to read."

"Come spring, when we start our maple tapping, we will be able to use our new spiles with tubing, which is very kid-friendly and should make the process go quickly. Plus, you can reuse the spiles/tubes every year. These spiles with food-grade tubing are easy to use, durable, and washable, so I imagine they will get used for years to come. Plus the connected tubing is very convenient, and I imagine we will not have issues with spilling sap like we did last year!"

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