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Kid's Maple Tree Tapping Kit Kid's Maple Tree Tapping Kit | Five Taps & Tubes, Children's Book with Adult How-To, Filters


Our Kid's Maple Tapping Kit turns learning about nature into a sweet treat! Your littles will love gathering their own sap and making their own pure maple syrup. And you'll all have a great excuse to get outdoors. This is the perfect back-to-nature gift for any age. Don't worry, the book includes full instructions for grown-ups. This kit is specially designed for teaching and creating family sugarmaking traditions. Just add a maple tree!

The Kid’s Maple Tapper Kit includes:

Five Tree Saver 5/16” Spiles (taps) Heavy-duty, food-grade, plastic designed for maximum sap flow but easier on the tree. Compared to traditional 7/16” spiles, Tree Saver Spiles cause 30% to 35% less damage but have the same sap output.

Five 3’ long tubes (droplines) Made to snugly fit the Tree Saver spiles, each length of tubing is BPA-free and flexible. Dark blue coloring is more bacteria resistant than traditional clear tubing; it draws less sunlight, yet still shows the flow of maple sap. With a coupler, these tubes can be attached to longer mainline tubing.

One Maple Syrup Filter. Includes one 1-quart prefilter, cone-style, designed for sugarmaking, use for all stages of syrup making to remove niter (sugar sand). Washable and reusable.

Exclusive Kids’ "Guide to Maple Tapping" Written especially for the young sugarmaker and filled with photos, illustrations, and activities, this book takes the reader from tree to table. You'll learn what trees to tap, how to collect the sap, how to make syrup, and the science behind this age-old process. The book also includes a special section for adults with step-by-step instructions on home sugaring.

Handy Quick Start Instruction Sheet – take with you to the tree for a reminder on how to tap.

Exclusive Recipe Cards – pure maple syrup is for more than pancakes! It’s paleo-friendly, all-natural and organic and a perfect sugar replacement in any recipe. Try these delicious options for every part of your menu.

Lifetime Guarantee on all taps and tubes plus full support from all of us at Maple Tapper (we’re tapping too!).

Our latest review from experienced tapper and blogger, Marysa Nicholson, from A Nation of Moms:

"Although I do know some basics of maple tapping, we all learned much more from tapping the trees to the process of making maple syrup. It will help you with your maple tapping from identifying sugar maples to processing your sap and it also has lots of other information and facts that are very interesting like the history of maple syrup. The kids learned a lot from reading this book but I also learned quite a bit. The book is well-written and full of bright images, which makes it fun to read."

"Come spring, when we start our maple tapping, we will be able to use our new spiles with tubing, which is very kid-friendly and should make the process go quickly. Plus, you can reuse the spiles/tubes every year. These spiles with food-grade tubing are easy to use, durable, and washable, so I imagine they will get used for years to come. Plus the connected tubing is very convenient, and I imagine we will not have issues with spilling sap like we did last year!"