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About Us

Maple Tapper is a back-to-nature company providing maple tapping supplies and instruction for home-based maple sugaring. I founded Maple Tapper because as a child I enjoyed the tapping of maple trees on my family’s farm in Michigan. I have fond memories of sap-filled tapping buckets on sunny, early spring days and even fonder memories of fresh maple syrup poured over pancakes at my Grandparent’s farmhouse breakfast table. I want to share this family tradition and teach others the hobby of home-based maple tapping and the art of syrup making. We at Maple Tapper are doing this by providing simple instructional information along with our easy-to-use tapping kits. Both beginners and seasoned maple tappers will find that our how-to information and supplies make sugaring simple and fun.

I also run Maple Tapper’s parent company, Illinois-based retailer Clover’s Garden Center. Clover’s represents three generations of plant retailing for my family. A longstanding goal at Clover’s has been to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the bounty of nature. We have programs for first-time flower, vegetable, and herb gardeners and teaching about the “first crop” of the season, maple sap, is a natural extension of that goal.

All of us at Maple Tapper are happy to share this sweet hobby with you and are thrilled to see the resurgence in this age-old pastime. We know you’ll find sugarmaking to be fun, easy-to-learn, and a great excuse to get outdoors with your kids, family, and friends.

Tap a tree this season and see what kind of sweet things happen!

Happy Tapping,

Jim Kuehnle