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Maple Syrup Tree Tapping Kit – 10 Spiles, 10 Three-Foot Tubes, 1 One-Quart Filter

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Our most popular tapping kit! Perfect for all levels of backyard sugarmaking from beginner to advanced. This kit includes:
  • Ten 3-foot premium dark blue drop lines; ten 5/16” maple tree tapping spiles; one-quart maple syrup filter; instruction sheet; and exclusive recipe cards
  • Made in North America.
  • Our exclusive BPA-free tubing is dark blue so it inhibits bacterial growth by blocking the sun’s rays to preserve the sugar content in sap.
  • Lifetime guarantee on taps and tubing! These heavy duty food-grade spiles and tubes are washable and reusable. 
  • Flexible tubes are highly visible in the woods and show the flow of maple sap
  • 5/16" Tree Saver taps cause 30-35% less damage to trees compared to traditional 7/16" spiles but with the same output.
  • Filter is made especially for small batch sugarmaking and designed for filtering out sugar sand (or niter) so you have clear, great tasting syrup.
  • Quick-start instruction guide and exclusive Maple Tapper recipes are included. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Don't wait for the sap to start flowing! Stock up now so you're ready for the oh-so-short season.





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