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Two Maple Syrup Reusable One-Quart Pre-Filter Premium Synthetic Cones

Filtering sap and syrup is a key part of making clear, tasty pure maple syrup. Sediment (commonly called sugar sand or niter) is a natural component that forms during the boiling of sap. These filters easily remove it in and our exclusive one-quart filters make this step easy and safe. These filters can be used at every stage of sugarmaking: at the spile filtering, mid-boil filtering, and at final filter. Washable and reusable, two filters included here to start out your season.
  • Fits all cone holder sizes, with small slits near the top for securing to your equipment.
  • Small size makes it much easier for small batches of syrup at home.
  • The best filter choice for at home, DIY sugarmakers. One-quart size make it safer and easier for you to handle and avoid spills and burns.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Includes instruction card.
  • Designed exclusively for Maple Tapper. Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. 
If you're tired of trying to handle large, bulky filters while pouring boiling hot syrup, these smaller filters are for you! We use these every year in our own filtering so we know they work!