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White Maple Tree Tapping Spiles | Ten 5/16" Maxflow Spiles or Taps | BPA-Free, Food Grade, Reusable

These sturdy Maxflow White spiles fit into our 5/16" sugarmaking tubes and are reusable from year to year. In some field studies, white spouts are shown to increase sap volume by up to 7% compared to darker spiles. This is especially evident in the later part of the season because the white tap does not absorb as much sun. Darker spiles warm faster during sunny, spring days which can lead to increased microbial growth and potential shutdown of the taphole.
This Ten Piece Maxflow Spile Set Includes:
  • 10 food-grade quality reusable 5/16” white Maxflow plastic spiles.
  • Washable and reusable. Fits 5/16" plastic tubing.
  • BPA-Free, food-grade, designed for sugarmaking.
  • Replenish or add to your current maple tapping supplies.
  • The 5/16” spile size means less damage to the tree and faster tap hole healing, which is beneficial to production in the long term.
  • Includes a Maple Tapper copyrighted instruction sheet for easy reference.